Didactic Fiction & Teaching

Revisions to the novel are going well. I'm concerned about complexifying things. I do have a tendency to make things more complex than necessary. In this case, I'm creating the equivalent of a teaching guide for the novel. I'm coming up with discussion questions and little exercises that would be particularly relevant to accompany specific scenes or parts of the dialogue. As long as the exercises are kept separate from the main text -- which is easy to do with the wiki format -- they can all be deleted very easily if I decide later on that they don't belong in there.

Knowledge Management in Federal Agencies

The Federal Knowledge Management Working Group launched a Federal Knowledge Management Initiative a while ago. Members of the group are feverishly working within Action Groups to create sections of a Roadmap document. I'm a little skeptical about the overall value and quality of what is going to emerge as the final document but if the primary objective of the initiative is to put knowledge management on the agenda of the Obama Administration and the leadership of federal agencies, then it might achieve that.

Stories, Movies, and Books

I've had several discussions with family members recently about books and movies. We've reached a consensus that if a movie is based on a book and you've read the book, you will be disappointed by the movie. We've tested that with classics and new releases alike. I've always been a fan of movies, but I like movies that are more than "entertainment". I like movies that have a story, more than just a sequence of scenes.